My got to outfits for this spring and summer. Let’s look at dresses!

I love dresses. I love the simplicity of them. I love how effortless they are and how just a great patterned dress can be the outfit. Dresses have become my go to since my son’s birth. It is so much easier for me to throw one on and go. Because sometimes I do not have time to go through what I have and figure out my outfit for the day. He takes a lot of my time. So, a great dress, like the ones at Target by Peter Piolotto, would be great. The bold patterns would not require much else. And are great for spring.


Then there are the dresses from H&M, which are affordable and lovely. I have found great dresses at Express too, but I always go where there is more affordability. If there even is such a thing anymore. White House black market has some fabulous well made dresses and silhouettes that are always in. Right,now I am trying to get my closet back in order. It is sad when your spouse has more clothes than you. I am getting my figure back and want to look good, and having dresses will ensure that this mama will always be prepared. Effortlessly and chic, that is the only way. Easy peasy.



Yes that is my closet. Not the greatest of pictures but you get the idea. I am filling up my closet. I am tired of nothing to wear(literally).

Here are some other great ideas for the mom on the go or anyone with not a lot of time.

hayden is availabe @

betsey Johnson

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