My goofy goober socks and my day #2.

Gryffindor socks

Hi there friends and happy Tuesday. I would be having an awesome Tuesday if it weren’t for these blasted allergies and a killer migraine. Today’s post is going to be abut my love of these socks. And this coffee.

This picture pretty much sums up my day so far. Yesterday I was keen on trying to get some spring cleaning done, today I want to sit on the couch eat brownies,drink coffee, play XboxOne all while a tiny child plays around the house. And none of that happened. Until nap time. Which is how I got the picture above. Nothing better than reading Bloglovin and playing Resident Evil(would play The Evil Within, but my game isn’t working)

So here I am sitting finally and working on the blog. GO me!


I got these adorable socks on Amazon for $8.99 with free shipping !
They represent the Geek within me. If you have been a follower of the blog here. you will know I am one heck of a nerd or geek.


I did the stupid and went outside in them, I say that because all of the pollen and I am having allergy issues. YAY NATURE!


My socks are now showing off This bottle of essential oil. The tea tree oil has been helping the tiny child’s eczema. I use a little on a cotton ball with water and apply it ot his eczema. It has been working. I got this online at Amazon as well, I really love Amazon.


Yes, these socks are amazing and can do quite a bit. I love them!  Thanks for bearing with me on this very meh Tuesday.

Off to take a nap, or at least try to. I hope I will be back in the groove of things.



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