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Hi there gang. Today I am not doing much of an outfit post. Yesterday I was supposed to have my Rocksbox post up(failed) and instead played hooky and went to Universal. A post on that will be later this week. Sorry got so much to do this week.  Today, I am recovering from all the fun at Universal, I’m so tired my pjs don’t match. Wow.

I wanted to talk about my own personal Christmas list. You ready?

I only want 2 maybe 3 things. It’s a short list. A simple list.


I have everything I want, really. But if I could have something it’s this

Skyrim for XboxOne and Dragon Age 2 for Xbox360. That’s it. That is all I want, that and a new stroller for the wee one. But that is a need more than want. He is needing a new one because he is outgrowing the other one and we still have elopement issues. That means he will take off and keep going.

But yeah,that is all I want or need. Doesn’t seem like much. But I don’t need clothes, I don’t need shoes, and I don’t need anything else. I want video games that I can play when my son is home and when my husband has the XboxOne to himself.

Via 25days of Christmas

Via 25days of Christmas

Of course there are “wants” but realistically got to think of can haves. And I mean Dragon Age 2 is under $10!


That doesn’t mean I won’t post any gift guides or things like that, no no. I just don’t need anything or want it. Except for those two things . Sure other stuff would be nice, but right now I am so focused on my little one other things just take a back seat.

So why Dragon Age 2? It’s an older game yes, but I hear the story line is great and fenris….ok Fenris. I want a shirt that says Because Fenris, only the fandom would get it. But yeah. My humor there.

Dragon Age is a great series, you get to really control the story. The way the characters develop and how you save the world.

Skyrim, is a game that I have clocked so many hours on and the copy I had for the 36o broke and so I just want to upgrade it. And I love the storyline so much.

Thats it.

what is your Christmas list like? Do you have one? I think as adults when we can just go out and get things ourselves we just get lost when it comes to gifts. That or money gets tight for one reason or another, and so we put all the other stuff to our kid or kids. But, my son his list is short too. He has so many toys….so many.



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