Monochrome Monday .

Hi there my friends! I was one busy mama bear yesterday. I took my tiny child outside, while it  was cool enough. We played on the slide and kicked a ball around. Fun times.  My outfit for Monday was a grey basic tank and high waist skirt. Pretty basic right? Black and grey, I am in a grey, black, and white mood lately. I love color and colorful outfits. And for what ever reason, it was a relaxing color combo and motivating for me yesterday. I can not explain it.

 It motivated me to clean my closet and paint some, wow. All this during a tiny child’s nap time.


And While cleaning I found these ankle boots again! Like how did I miss you?! You are awesome boots. I love the buckle details on the sides. Which were one of the reasons I bought them. I wanted hardware on my ankle boots.  I got these from Justfab and they have a great deal for new members $39.95 you get 2 pairs of shoes. Which isn’t bad. And you can skip the month if you don’t want or need any new shoes each month. They have great wedges by the way.


I was so happy I got some stuff done and had a few moments to take a few pictures. Not that I got to post them. I got busy with the lad. We had playing to do! But I got to snap some of the shoes with my outfit! I was just wearing flat formish shoes previously.


I love adding a bit of color sometimes to mix up the monochrome. Like this pink clutch that I bought from H&M a while ago. I really like this skirt, I got it from H&M seasons ago.  Again, I could LIVE in that store. I just have to say I am grateful they don’t have the home décor in our H&M otherwise I would be in big trouble!


Such great shoes.

How was your Monday?

Shirt: Target

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Justfab New Member Sale: 2 Shoes for $39.95

Bag: H&M




  • molly July 7, 2015 at 1:21 PM

    Super cute! The tank top makes the entire outfit fun and comfy. Thank you!

    • Stephanie July 7, 2015 at 1:31 PM

      Thanks Molly!! 🙂


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