Monday, hi how are ya?


Hi and happy Monday.  I was fortunate enough to wake up with some sort of funk. Thanks to whatever is plaguing me.
I tried to do an outfit of the day but I am really not up for the effort today. And I figured out how to make the timer on my camera work. Really? What kind of techie doesn’t know that? Me. I also have no clue how to use tumblr.  I am ashamed.


So it is a Lion King yoga pant day. Bam.


Here I am making an effort. I can’t even remember the last time I was sick. It has been a while. Which means…nothing really. It could mean my house will fall apart because hubby is sick too and my son is feeling sick too. Yay. Poor little man.
But, there is good news for this I can sit and write up some great blog posts to be scheduled.  Not that I didn’t do that already. Or at least tried to.

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