Monday! Ahhhh!

Happy Monday! It will be or is already a happy Monday! Am I right? I hope so.
I was feeling a bit bleh today so let me tell you a bit of a secret if you can do a few yoga poses. I went a few days without yoga and let me be the first to tell you not fun. Not only was a mega bi–h but also really tired. I got up and did my yoga today and whamo! I am full of energy and flare!
Yoga doesn’t have to just be those pretzely poses you see everywhere. It can be basic simple stretches. I found some jewels on Pinterest of yoga and yoga can even be used for weight loss. It is one of the ways I lost baby weight and stay in shape while pregnant. That is until bed rest. Check out Jillian Michaels yoga inferno for Xboxone or on DVD. It is fun!

I found an easier pin of some poses that I like to do. I do each in sets of three if in a hurry.
yoga image from

I like to add shoulder stands in that and wall presses, but when a little man is asleep. Last thing I want to do is accidentally clobber him!
So, Monday goers, get up, get moving, and beat those Monday blues!


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