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Mom life: Halloween family fun.

pumpkinsThis past weekend was full of some family spooky fun! We carved pumpkins and we went Trick or Treating at the Central Florida zoo! It was a full weekend for sure. And it made me realize that I do not have some of the spunk or pep in my step I had before pregnancy. Not at all. I am exhausted today, and it is Monday. Yuck. I need to get myself in gear because tomorrow is Halloween and that means taking my little Trick or Treating in Orlando. And we didn’t get to last year being sick and all, so this year we are going to make a bit of an effort in Trick or Treating.

painting pumpkinsMy little sat at his table Friday night and painted his little pumpkins and he also has a big pumpkin that is a massive work in progress. It will be Christmas by the time that thing gets finished. He was more interested in playing outside, eating cookies, and dancing to the Time Warp. Still, he had a great time, and even shut the sliding glass door on the family when we were way too loud for him. He wanted to watch his Great British Bake Off and drink his cup of milk. We on the other hand(myself excluded) were busy carving half assed pumpkins and drinking. Well, OK, my dad and I did half assed pumpkins! Still it was fun and we enjoyed the fire pit. The weather was nice enough to do so! YAY!

Fallout 4 costumesI was able to finish the costumes for us in time for Halloween! I was so happy! My son’s costume turned out great even if I had to sew everything by hand! The pattern was a nightmare though, you can read that post here. My costume was purchased, I didn’t have time to make 2 Vault suits for this year. Nor did I want to! I didn’t want to make one suit, but you know how it is, you end up doing so anyway. I still think it ended up looking great, even with the numbers falling off because I didn’t iron them on right. Still my son was very comfortable, and he enjoyed wearing this soft snuggly costume. So, if you need a great costume for the whole family, wear Vault Tech Vault suits from Fallout 4.

fall out 4 vault suits mom and son costume ideasHe went trick or treating and was having a great time, but you know 4yr old attention spans are not easily satiated. He got bored of the hey answer this question before you get candy. And for someone who is on the spectrum and non verbal mostly, he was getting irritated by standing there waiting. Which I did try to get him to answer things, but he just isn’t there yet. And that is fine, we tried and that was the important part.

Vault suit Fallout 4Vault suit Fallout 4We had a great time over all, and while we were supposed to go to a block party later that night I found myself being snuggled by my tiny child. He had crashed from the sugar rush. And so we stayed on the couch for several hours snuggling and watching Hocus Pocus. OK, I watched the movie, he slept the afternoon away. Still great way to end a Saturday Night.

What Halloween things did you do this past weekend?


  • cara October 30, 2017 at 3:13 PM

    Looks like so much fun! Love your costumes!

    • Stephanie October 30, 2017 at 3:58 PM

      Thank you!! We had a blast!

  • yuka October 30, 2017 at 3:24 PM

    awww how cute! Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays growing up!


    • Stephanie October 30, 2017 at 3:58 PM

      Thank you! I love Halloween too!


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