Missguided velvet midi skirt

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Missguided velvet pleated midi skirt in berry • $45

I have been exercising more frequently now, been a rough time with all my health issues and such.And once my oldest goes back to school I will get back to the gym again. For me,dieting doesn’t work exercise does. But, one thing that is getting more noticeable is my clothes are getting loose. And it is making life a bit hard. When things do not fit because they are starting to get too big. My Missguided velvet midi skirt was fitting a bit more a month or so ago, and now it is hanging off me. As you can see, and honestly I didn’t realize how much until looking at these pictures I took!
I have been so hard on myself, and that is horrible. Women get a lot of flack for our bodies. We get so hard on ourselves because of it. Perfection isn’t real, it is not meant to be.
And the fact that stores making the same size of clothes are not in fact universal. A size 12 at Target is not the same as a size 12 at Michael Kors. It makes things harder for those of use who are no longer a zero, because the size difference is huge!
This skirt,though, I love and will be having it altered after a bit, because I want to make sure my swelling up doesn’t interfere!

Missguided velvet skirt And my weight loss journey, in between sizes
This velvet midi skirt by Missguided is so beautiful, but calling it a “velvet” skirt is misleading. It is more of a satin skirt, there is no heaviness and no plush softens that you get from velvet. However,the color and the pleats are beautiful! And it looks great with a good graphic tee!
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I really love how this outfit looks, aside from the bunch skirt. It is beautiful and there is something about red and pink together I just love!
Don’t you?

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