Milly at Kohls wish list.

OK, so it is nap time and I feel like got hit by a bus and a raging elephant simultaneously. I thought it would be a good time to catch up on some blog reading. And do some online shopping. Or browsing. Whatever. I saw Milly has a line with Kohls which made me realize a few things. A. I have spelt Kohls wrong for a while . B. I love the collection. So cute! C. Online shopping fun. I love Kohls, even though I spell it wrong.

I made a wish list of goodies while laying in my bed with another cup of coffee. I gave in and also had an ice cream bar. Hey, I am sick. And what is better than laying in bed, than shopping online? I don’t have to get dressed. I can stay in my jams and tiny child is being a snuggle bug next to mommy. So, life is good. That is until our meds wear off. Then we are grump a lumps.

I really want that maxi skirt. And I want another ice cream. Is that bad? Blahhhhhh.

Sateen crop here/ sateen shorts here/ sequined lemon top here/ Capri graphic tee here/ striped graphic tee here / floral maxi skirt here / floral a-line dress here

Cool thing is that this is all on sale right now!

Kohls Department Stores Inc





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