Milani Gel Powder Eyeshadow. Review.

Milani Gel powder

Bella Bronze and Bella Sand Milani Gel powder eyeshadow.

I happened on these little pieces of shawdowy goodness from a beatyblogger on Facebook.  Unfortunately, I can not remember the name and the Facebook feed is insanely long. These magnificent little cases of shadow glory have made me a true fan of this brand. I have used their polishes before and they were pretty good. But, have now ventured into the makeup side.

The shadow is pretty well pigmented and was pretty well picked over at CVS. Where they are sold for $4.49 per piece. I believe you can also get them on Amazon for anyone out of the US.

There was not much dropping from the shadow as I have experienced with other companies. Even Dept store brands have this issue. And for higher pigment use on top of a eyeshadow primer. You wont be disappointed. I may have to go back for the green shadow.

While I was at CVS, getting milk actually I also saw this Nicole by O.P.I nail polish.

Nicole by OPI Carried Away

Nicole by OPI Carried Away

I saw this and fell in love with it! So, I had to get it. It is really sparkly and will be a great polish for this fall/winter!

edit: the blog was let them have polish

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