Metallic midi skirt

Love this skirt! I got it back over the winter and feel like even though it is summer or summer-ish that this skirt would still work, although I didn’t realize that I dressed more winter or fall like in these pictures.

All I can say is oops.

But one thing being stuck at home, not only do you loos track of what freaking day it is, but what season too. And hey in Australia isn’t it fall going to winter or something. I can use that excuse. I have a few times messed up on dressing wrong for the seasons. Dressing like it is fall and it is June or July. Dressing like it is spring but it is dead of winter. Although to my defense it is Florida right. But this skirt, this one can be for any season. And many people are embracing the sequins and shiny stuff for summer ,the extra is out and I don’t think it is going anywhere. I can see people either dressed ultra casual, sweat pants and tees. Or over the top and extra as hell, and I am so here for all of it!
What do you think?

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