Mental health check:finding the right meds.

If there is any advice I can give when it comes to needing medication during your mental health journey it is this, hang in there. Medication can be a trial and error for treating mental conditions and even other medical problems. It is not a one drug fits all kind of situation. You will feel like a test subject, but that is part of the process.
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Ok so here is a story and experience with medications. I have been off and on mood stabilizers and anxiety medications and anti depressants since I was 16. Paxil made the walls melt and made my hands look plastic. I didn’t have as rough of a time with Trichotrillomania (hair pulling from anxiety stress, many other mental disorders) but it made this hard my brain didn’t cope well and I stopped taking it. Saraphem or Sarafem, was a form of Prozac aimed for women, it made me bat shit crazy. For a long time I was off medication even though I needed it.
I went back on Xanax and another anti depressant to help with post partum depression when I had my first son. It helped and was a temporary thing. Fast forward to now, I have been off and on Zoloft and hated what it did to my face and how it made me gain and retain water weight. It made my face look a bit horrendous in the nasal area. The side effects were not justified. The next med was Wellbutrin, which incidentally is a “black label” medication. And before I could see the benefits of it at all something else happened, I turned out to be allergic to it. Yup. Just like Bactrum I broke out in hives, my throat felt knotty, and I itched from head to toe to all hell. Hives in massive plates( it is a massive gathering of hive welts it looks like the top of a plateau) or tons of welts. And swelling, good goddess the swelling! A prednisone shot later And massive amounts of Benadryl I am now on the mends . Armed with more prednisone and With a new medication to try. Which is OK. That is part of the process. A part of the mental health journey.

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Medication can be a big pain in the ass, believe me. I know! But, it is something that many people have to go through to find the right drug and then the right dosage. Yup that is next the right dose. I haven’t gotten that far as side effects and allergic reactions made it difficult. No one said that taking care of your mental health was going to be easy. You may get diagnosed with a disorder, or two, or three,yikes. Things in childhood may make sense to your weird quirks and behaviors. Shaking my foot like a psycho and rocking for me is a form of stimming. I didn’t realize that, I was always told to stop it as it made me look crazy or made other people nervous. Like my foot shaking wouldn’t kill ya Karen, calm it down. This is just an example.

Keep it safe wear a mask.

Getting help is the first step in this, keeping it going by therapy is next, medication is another piece that could help, a change in diet, writing and coloring. These are all bits that can be a part of your journey. Don’t get upset if your therapist, or psychologist or psychiatrist say you may need it. It is a huge possibility and could happen. Some people get by with just going through therapy, any one , any color could benefit from therapy. And not all therapists or psychiatrist or psychologists are the same or a good fit. Conventional therapy in person may not be your thing but chat therapy is. Now there are so many avenues to think of and take the first step with. Just again meds may be part of the mental health check.

And for the love of all that is holy, do not go into this thinking your therapist is going to agree with every single thing. They will push you to talk, they may make you see a different perspective. You will be uncomfortable at times. You…will…cry. And that is again part of it all. And if they suggest meds, do not get mad at them step back and really think about it. Think about why you are at therapy in the first place. Meds can be long term or short term. Remember that.

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