mom life me time

Me time a day of shopping.

mom life me time

SO, you have had a busy week or two. You are SAHM, or even a WM(working mom) or a WAHM mom and you are with the littles day in and day out. The diapers, the dirty clothes, the running around. And if you are like me with a kiddo with special needs, it will be constant therapies, speech appointments, dr appointments. ETC. There will be a day where you just want to toss yourself into bed and not get out of it. You hide in the closet and they find you. MOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Those magical words that you love and sometimes cringe at. Sometimes. It sounds like you need a break, I know I did.

And so I went out alone. ALL ALONE. To take myself shopping and relax how I want. Retail therapy and people watching.You may have seen on my Instagram all the nonsense of the day. Including but not limited to trying things on and shopping around as well as posting what I was listening too. Damn you NIN for almost making dance around the grocery store like and idiot. It was a good song on.

books with special edition covers barnes and noble

The day started out with a coffee and books! so many books! Barnes and Noble has some with special edition covers. So so pretty.

Pocket Hobbit book

This Hobbit book was small enough for the purse or “pocket” And how pretty is the cover!

OOTD harry potter shirt and culottes

I had headphones in to satisfy my music needs and no lonely feelings. I plugged in and just went about my business. Shopping and trying things on! What is more therapeutic than that?! I could take my time, do what I wanted and not worry about someone else. Just me. And it was great. Now, I do love being with someone else when shopping, but there is something therapeutic about being completely alone at a mall walking about. You can just relax, you can be you. Me time is good for you as much as being around someone is. But, when you are a SAHM you need it. Some would say, but you get out of the house. Yea, but not ALONE. There is that magical word there alone.

Alone. No littles. No gossip. Just me and my music. (which that playlist is here) I needed that recharge. And It was awesome to try things on without rushing. Without worrying about over stimulation for someone.

It was needed and I was fully ready for the week ahead and good times.  So what did I try on? Where did I go?


ALDO shoe Store

That shoe store is my jam! And how cute is all that palm tree print. The shoes with the open toe were super comfy but, I wasn’t in the mood for a new pair of shoes. I wanted a handbag!

How cute is this bag?! IT is crazy and cute! And ugly in a way all at the same time, which makes it amazing!!!! And I love it! It comes in green and blush. But I love the white crazy bag. You can get that bag here!  REally cute and $50!

ALDO glitter bagThis bag I need bad!!!!  ALDO you slay me! It is so much prettier in person. And it is glorious! I love the blush color and the glitter.

PALM shoes ALDOThe shoes are really comfortable! $80 too, and I just wasn’t ready to spend that on a pair of shoes that day. As much as I liked them and to the dismay of the associates I did not walk out with them. I’ll wait till they go on sale.

Forever 21!

I love forever 21! And I was able to get in there try stuff on and get what I wanted! I almost feel though a bit overwhelmed in that store since there is so much going on.So many pieces of clothes. So many. Overwhelmed for sure!

shirt dress with crop top f21


OOTD forever 21

I like this set but didn’t get it. I am kicking myself for it. I had a bit of self confidence issues with it.I can see me wearing this with some flatform shoes and a bright metallic bag! Maybe I will get be and get it! Maybe, and Ill get that sparkly bag too!!! Took a clearer picture(bottom) and the shirt dress was actually really soft. Crop was comfy as well and had a zipper back. Which I got stuck like a goober. And that was annoying.

maxi skirt forever 21

This skirt was very popular on my Instagram. The bright marigold color, the fact that it is in fact SHORTS too sold me. It is a glamorous skirt and a sexy skirt all in one! And if the wind picks up you have your butt covered! Which is good because sometimes that can be the death of us when maxi skirts have a high slit. I am sorry, I am no Marilyn.

THis bag was at H&M and I feel like it speaks to me! GIANT MESS for sure. That is my life in a nutshell. A giant mess. just like my living room is right now at this very moment. I am so tired.

So what did I come home with?

shopping haul

sephora haulI went to Sephora for lipstick like the Tarte liquid lipstick quick dry formula! This is something I got in an ipsy awhile ago and LOVE it. So I bought one. And because it is my birthday month(bleh,meh,groan,angst) I was given a gift of what else? More Tarte cosmetics. Blush and lipstick. And that blush is really pigmented!

sephora Tarte haulTarte cosmeticsALDO shopping haulI loved this clutch bag so much I bought it! Along with some new sunnies! The bag was under $40! So cute!!!! And I have so many ideas for it outfit wise. The bag will work as a wallet too which is awesome! I need sometimes a small purse. Right?

ALDO sunglasses


SO the next time you get some me time and no one can go with you, do not despair. You will be fine. You can shop alone. Unleash that introvert and do you! Like I did!

Now if you love what I got, you can shop the links below! I didn’t split it up by store(sorry) but enjoy!

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  • jacqui June 7, 2017 at 12:14 PM

    Ohh you had a super time shopping, I love it. Cute sandals and bags my downfall I’m afraid! Jacqui x

    • Stephanie June 7, 2017 at 11:23 PM

      Thank you! Me too


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