Maybeline Mega plushies mascara, a bust?

I was so excited to get this mascara, as I had a coupon from Target for $1 off and a manufacturer coupon for $1 off. I thought, I liked the other mascara so I shall try this too. Well, here is my review of this product by Maybeline New York.

I was left thoroughly disappointed and underwhelmed. Let us dissect the why it was not that great.
first. The wand

Um the piveting bendy wand. Yeah while it was a great idea, it does NOT work. It makes the mascara hard to handle and god help you if you have shaken hands. Not only that but the brush itself. It doesn’t cover well. In fact, this does not make the mascara go on smoothly. I was going to put that as bullet point 2 but, here ya go

The volume? Um there was none. It was like I bought a normal low key mascara. I wanted the thrills and chills not blahsville. There was no fullness and no definition.

This just was a tube of empty promises. And yes, I am disappointed. Save your money and buy something else. >

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