Maternity style wishlist H&M mama

Maternity style wishlist: H&M MAMA

Maternity style wishlist H&M mamaBeing pregnant is hard enough and add trying to find clothes that still reflect your style can also be a royal pain in the (ill just say it! )ASS! Everything has those same old same old empire waists the tired synonymous pieces that have been around forever. I get it, they work. They are what is available most of the time in almost EVERY store. But, why not wear things that accentuate the bump instead of just “hide” it? I am not much of an empire waist wearing person in general and my last pregnancy I wasn’t thrilled with how I dressed. I did not follow my inner fashionista and let my sense of style hit the fan quicker than my son with a pool noodle.

The other thing I get is MONEY. It costs money to buy a wardrobe that will last you your pregnancy. That is why in this post here, I suggested wearing your pre pregnancy clothes with the stretch to them, or get that belly band. One that has a silicone bottom that can grip your pants, skirts, and shorts. They will extend you clothes a bit more and you can get maternity pieces here and there. Like I have been doing. I found myself browsing online on H&M at their MAMA series and found their maternity clothes are really more inline with my sense of style. As eclectic as it is. Modern, fresh, bump accentuating! YAY! So, today on the blog I picked out some awesome pants and shirts as well as shoes that I think will spruce up that bump style, and without breaking the bank!

Maternity style wishlist H&M mama

OK, so this wish list contains a bit of things you may not consider wearing during that time of awesome morning sickness, mood swings, and crying fits during a nature program (those poor baby seals! darn those ORCAS!) I want to push those pregnancy fashion boundaries, for instance sequins is very much in and why not wear some fab sparkly pants for the fab sparkly glowing joy you are and are housing!? To counter the sparkle I paired it with a (gasp) non maternity shirt that still looks like it could be with the side bow. I would size up, so if a small go to a medium, a large go up to xl. You got to make room for bump and boobs. Right? Their tee shirts are mostly a bit on the stretchy side, and this shirt will work after pregnancy too!!!! Win-win. Going out? Then match with the mesh maternity top! Wear those shiny shoes and you are fab baby! One thing to also note is most of these things can be mixed and matched. So get a few pairs of those pants and some of those tops and you can have fun recreating outfits. And if you are in the last trimester, you can spice up that wardrobe you are sick of with some affordable pieces and shoes!

Those pink babies are under 20!!!! Ugh so cute. Also that denim “tunic” is actually a dress and I put that there for it’s versatility! I will be making a dress wish list later! Stay tuned for that as well as a under garment list. Because that friends is important! And don’t worry I will have a nursery up too, I already have a complete gender neutral nursery picked with things from TARGET.

What do you think of this wardrobe spruce up? Let me know!


p.s. if you want to see my announcement post check that out here

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  • A K August 12, 2017 at 4:21 PM

    Thanks for sharing this! I have struggled to get any maternity clothes on the high street. I have found that eBay and ASOS have been a life-saver (especially for work clothes and maternity dresses that actually look decent), but the issue is that you can’t try them on first! H&M seem to be the only shop that sells maternity clothes on the high street in my city (and smaller towns around it- believe me, I’ve tried everywhere!) Luckily, their clothes fit in with my style too, without breaking the bank.

    • Stephanie August 22, 2017 at 3:15 PM

      You are most welcome!!!! I saw asos has some great stuff. H&M has stepped up their maternity game this year for sure!


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