Marks and Spencer Pink Cashmere sweater

Marks and Spencer Pure Cashmere Relaxed Fit Jumper • Marks and Spencer • $155
Liars & Lovers gold t bar multi row short necklace • $20
River Island leather loafers in zebra print • $26
Universal Thread Women’s Low-Rise Jeggings – Universal Thread Dark Wash • Universal Thread • $24.99

So, yeah I need to finish painting. I know, I know. It uh looks bad. But I just have not given myself the time to complete it. Especially when my kids keep destroying what I just did. Kind of like the tree. My Christmas tree is taking a beating from my kids. One son wants to play in the branches. And the other wants to pick it apart and jump into the tree. Ugh. I have been doing non stop yelling about the tree. It sucks and today was no different. I vacuumed and my son went through and messed up all of it again. He can not help himself.

Through therapy I have been learning to not beat myself up that I do not have that “Instagram perfect” or “pinterest perfect” home. Yes, I do keep it as clean as I can. But my kids are hurricanes and one more than the other. My oldest is the hurricane cat 5. My soon to be 2 yr old is a cat 1.


And it also doesn’t help we are currently trying to renovate the house.  We are going to rip up the carpets after Christmas.  And finally put the wood flooring down!  I can not wait. This carpet is horrible and embarrassing .

Love my kids, love them. Even though they can drive me insane.

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