Marie Clair Nov!

I got my Marie Claire magazine a while back. I just never got a chance to read it until now. Natalie Portman graces the cover this time around and I love it. She is a great actress. My fave movies of hers are of course V for Vendetta and she was great in Black Swan. That movie left me with a feeling of what the heck did I just watch. But it was still good.

I love the fashion in the magazine this month. Its been awhile since I’ve read the magazine and it was refreshing to actually read Mary Claire for once. I want pretty much everything in that magazine . It has definitely made me realize that I need to get my b*** in gear. Reading the magazine has awakened my sense of fashion and I feel like I needed to get up and dressed. I even got to read my magazine while my son was sitting on my lap picking at me and poking me in the eye. So now I feel I can start to become my old self again.
  there was some really good advice in the magazine for November…There was a lot of advice and info for how to move up at work. Or get a better paying job, through networking. They even showed how to take a better LinkedIn photo and how important it is. Networking is crucial now a days and networking edicut is very important.
So, pick up a copy of Marie Claire and get reading!
I did.

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