Manicure Monday! ORLY Frozen collection.

wpid-20150328_130526.jpghi there friends! What a wonderful day! Today for this Manicure Monday or makeup Monday, will be taking a look at some of  the ORLY Color Blast Frozen Collection. Yay!! I picked some up at my local Walgreens. The colors are amazing!

I got the sister duo and a separate color on the side.

Color 50096 ice-solated



This color is so beautiful. It is kind of opaque and has a pearlised shine. You will need two or more coats. It is pretty thin. But over all not a bad color. I wished I picked up some white glitter to have an accent nail. Later maybe. Milani has a pretty one. For now this is just to show the color. This color was part of the Sister duo.

Color 50104 warm hugs



This color is very vivid! But it shows in the picture more red than it really is. It is a type of pink. And just like it’s companion color it is runny. Two coats may be needed. But it does go on smooth and stays really shiny.


Color 50097 Coronation ball



This is is my favorite color that I picked up. The Coronation ball is so sparkly and beautiful. It is a perfect spring color!! In fact yes, I planned my Monday outfit around it’s purpley goodness. Yes. It needs two to three coats but it is worth it! Add a top coat and it is perfection! This was $6.99 the sister duo was $10.99.

I love it! Available in stores at Walgreens.

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