Making new family traditions.

While it is fun to run around and go here and go there for the holidays there are some who like to keep it more low key with the family on Christmas Eve. Sure they may still go to one family dinner and the after a while go home. And for the kids waiting on Santa can seem like forever.  So what to do? What can keep those little fidgety and trying to be ever so patient little kiddies busy? Well there is where the Christmas holiday magic box comes in.

This box filled with new pjs for the whole family, also can be packed with a box of popped corn, mugs for cocoa and cocoa. As well as a box of chocolates for the family to sit and enjoy. What will you do? Watch some Christmas Classics. Like Miracle on 34th street or something like that. Muppet Christmas Carol is another. The box also can have new ornaments to place on the tree. I always get a new one. And this year won’t be different.

What gave me the idea for this box was actually my sister. She has Christmas Eve with my parents and then goes home and watches Christmas movies and all that stuff with her family. Why not do that here? And why not make it a thing? I’m sure there are loads of this kind of idea on Pinterest. Lots of inspiration there. All the things here are from Target.

And every thing is super affordable.

So, why not start a new tradition with the family and keep those patient kids waiting impatiently busy. Make a Christmas holiday magic box.

Just keep those silly elves away from it.

Family pajamas $12.99-24.99 good deal at Target and cute for pictures!

Decorative box $6.00 for the box in large size.

Miracle on 34th street blue ray, also comes in regular DVD

The Santa Clause blue ray and comes DVD

Star Wars mugs $6.29 on sale!

Swiss Miss hot cocoa is only $2.99!

Godiva Milk chocolate box $11.49 and so good. Godiva is a fave of mine.

Deer ornaments because glasss ones will break and my tree fell and broke some so plastic for now!

These things are all just perfect and you can order them all to the store and just pick it up. And I shop that way a lot. Saves so much time!

What do you think?

This post contains affiliate links, post is not sponsored by Target. I just love shopping there, holy crap do I love shopppin there. 

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