Makeup Monday,let’s care for our skin.

Hi there friends and happy Marvelous Monday! Today is of course makeup Monday, and today I want to talk about skin care. Yeah, I really do. You can have the best foundation in the world but if you are not taking care of your epidermis(your top layer of skin.SCIENCE!) that awesome $8, $25,or $45 foundation is not going to be as great as it can be. Look at me run on.

Think about it. When you build a house you put down a foundation. And from there you build on it. Well, skin is the same way.  If you have a great skin care regime, your make up and other beaut products will be that much better. This is some thing I do splurge on. I splurge on my facial products, if they are good. And if they work.


What makes me really talk about this on this fine Monday morning is, lately I have been having issues with my own skin. My foundation would change color on me during the day. And it was from Oxidizing. My skin was producing too much oil and being a brat, because of what I was and had been using. I was using my Clinique 3-step which I truly loved. It is hard to step away from it. But, um it was giving my skin the uber freak out of the century. No lie. I was having break outs and everything. When I went to my friend at Chanel, who is an esthetician, she went into diagnostic mode and told me I have sensitive skin, which we both knew. And not only that I was actually dry combo skin. And people mismatched my foundation because I am a red lobster after any and I do mean ANY cleansing. And I was put on oily skinned products, because of that.


My reaction if I get a fruitcake.

Well, long story short. I now have to use a exfoliator and masque 3 times a week for 2 weeks and then continue on with sensitive skin products. Like the above the Lotion Confort by Chanel, which is great for sensitive skin like mine. And Hydra Beauty moisturizer and Le Lift by Chanel, by the way Clinique Superdefense is a great moisturizer too. I also had to switch to a comforting cream foam cleanser. And I have already noticed a difference. My foundation sits normal. It doesn’t separate. And it doesn’t change color as bad. I was told it would take about 2 weeks for it to make a difference.



But, the point here is skin care. Many people tend to ignore it and go right on into makeup. It is important. It is crucial. Even fashion designers at fashion week all around have been really driving the importance of it back stage.

In fact let us do some science. YEA! SCIENCE! OK! So, your left hand is the control we will leave that hand alone. Wash the top of your right hand with your typical face routine. THE WHOLE DEAL. Wash, toner, moisturize. That. Good. Now take your foundation or powder and put some on each hand as you would your face. Look at both hands. Which seems better? The cleansed one,right? That is the thing. The foundation, powder, and other stuff sits on it better.  Pretty neat stuff right?

OK, so rant over. 🙂



  • Nicole February 16, 2015 at 2:37 PM

    I love CHANEL skin care products 🙂 I, too, have sensitive skin and their products are great for me! 🙂

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    • Stephanie February 16, 2015 at 2:46 PM

      Their stuff smells good. I tried their le lift eye cream and it is amazing! I am hooked!


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