Makeup Monday on Tuesday, Milani Fierce Foil shadow

Hi there friends! I just wanted to let you know about an eye shadow I picked up from CVS by Milani. I got their new Fierce Foil Eyeshine.IMG_2836.JPG


Oh, Milani for the first time in forever, I am disappointed. Here is why

“Let your light shine!”

Indeed. It supposedly ground-breaking tech that is especially formulated for eyes. Well, I hope most eyeshadow is.

You use it by using the applicator, which is not a sponge but more of a trowel. It is basically something you apply spackle with. Yeah. I was in a state of what is this nonsense when I opened it. And then you go to use it. It is sparkly, it is shiney. It is dramatic and it is a pain in the neck to blend. Something that it claims to be able to do, nevermind the creasing and movement of the shadow.

It is a cream shadow, not a powder. And even with a primer base it moved around too much. And a little goes a long way, well yeah and it still creases.wpid-20150210_133427.jpg

I love Milani products, I really do but this one ,for me, did not do so well. Maybe someone else will like it and I was hopeful that the shadow would be great! But, alas the color couldn’t save this one.

Now are there any good to the bad? I guess so.

The color is bright and it is sparkly. If you are used to cream shadows go for it. If not, stay away and use Milani gel shadow instead. It is a powder base. It is a decent price.The eye shadow of doom is $9.95 at CVS and Milani is also sold at Walgreens.

Their baked blush is great by the way. Have you tried this shadow yet? If so what did you think? I was hoping for so much more than I got.

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