Makeup of the day: NYX Cherry Skies lipstick and liner

Makeup of the day tutorial! How to do the perfect fall lip!

makeup of the day : the perfect lipstick for fall tutorial.

OK gang, we all know I am not a beauty blogger, well I do a lot of beauty related posts here on But, when it comes to makeup turorials I am not the greatest! I don’t have a ring light, I don’t have the basic “beauty blogger” stuff. A lot of the posts I do here on my blog are beauty product reviews. I am no Nikki Tutorials, or Michelle Phan, or Patrick Starr(love him!). No, I am a basic beauty bitch. I do have some decent makeup applications don’t get me wrong, after working at a Clinique counter for a few years I learned what I was doing right and wrong. Anyways, let’s talk makeup. If you follow me on Instagram @glamorousandgeeky , you may have seen that I posted a picture on my feed of a selfie with fabulous makeup. What got everyone’s attention was the lipstick! That and my eyeballs. And therefore, I want to share with you how to achieve that perfect fall lip!

Makeup of the day: NYX Cherry Skies lipstick and linerThis was the inspiration for this post! Lets talk lips!

First off lets choose a lip color that is perfect for fall! Now, I am one who thinks you can wear fall colors in summer too. I wear my reds all the time. But there is something about browns, burgundy, and wine colors in fall that just are perfection! I picked a deep wine color from NYX called Cherry Skies! What I love about NYX is that the lipstick and lip liners match colors. Easy peasy!


I love Nyx lip products, as much as I love some of the prestige brands like Urban Decay.

makeup of the day: The perfect lipstick for fall

I already have on my basic makeup here, I have everything I used on the shopping links at the bottom of the post , and today is all about the lips! So, they are bare!
Now first off, you will want to prime your face after washing and moisturizing it. I use the Urban Decay Quick Fix primer spray. Then I used the Too Faced Born This Way foundation, and prime my eyeshadow with my ride or die primer Milani primer.

makeup of the day : the perfect lipstick for fallYup my little is in the background, he always is. You will want to line your lips with the Cherry Skies lip liner. I like to trace the outline then fill in with the color from the liquid lippie. *The picture sucks, I know.* The bow part of the lip I do last, one side I line then the other. You do this by following the natural line of your lips. You can add more of an angle if you like, but I like the natural line best. Then you can be ready to fill in!

makeup of the day : the perfect lipstick for fall tutorial.Time to fill in with the Nyx Cherry Skies liquid suede.

makeup of the day : the perfect lipstick for fall tutorial.

makeup of the day : the perfect lipstick for fall tutorial. After you have filled in your lips you can leave as is or make them pop more. Do this by outlining your lips with concealer.  Apply the concealer and then pat the concealer to blend a bit. I tap it a bit with my finger to make sure that it is still defining the area and yet be blended in.  The end result is as you see, great bold lips for fall!!!!


  • yuka October 23, 2017 at 4:09 AM

    that color looks really good on you!

    • Stephanie October 23, 2017 at 11:57 AM

      Thanks Yuka!

  • cara October 23, 2017 at 2:10 PM

    That is the perfect lip shade on you! So pretty!

    • Stephanie October 23, 2017 at 11:20 PM

      thank you CAra!!


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