Loungewear features My fave looney tune,Bugs Bunny

Ok, I love Mickey Mouse, I think it is a bit obvious. But growing up there was a character that was a bit more accessible to me because of the readily available cartoons on tv, the Six Flags theme park, and he was just funny! Bugs Bunny. Yup the wasically wabbit himself. I am a fan of Bugs Bunny.

Bugs bunny was created by Leon Schlesinger production (later Warner bros) in the late 1930’s.Best known for his starring roles in !erry Melodies and Looney Tunes!And while some people say that he first appeared in Porky’s hare hunt in1938, however it was not officially Bugs Bunny until 1940’s  A wild Hare.

Bugs Bunny is. Mischievous trickster and is known for the iconic “eh..what’s up doc?”He has is one of the most iconic and recognized characters in the world made during the golden age of cartoons.And Bugs was not just a one person show, he was a collaborative result. His original name was “Happy Hardaway” or “Happy Rabbit” , the names were turned down. And Bugs was the name as a result of the animators writing the name on the character sheet. He would also be called Bugs Hardaway.
Bugs would go through many character redesign through the years much like Mickey .And Bugs has been in many shorts, movies, and has his own Hollywood star!The Rabbit is still an icon and I don’t think his popularity is going to go anywhere.
And that is why when I saw this set I had to order it for me! Love the design! Bugs Bunny will always be my fave of the Looney Tunes!

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