Live now procrastinate later.


I found this sign at Michael ‘s craft store. This sign speaks to me and let me explain why. For months I have said I was going to fix up my office. And I never did. Well, I need an office where I can sit and blog in peace or scrapbook. Or rather partially be at peace. So, the other night I decided to stop making excuses and just do it.
And while the walls aren’t painted yet. I did get some things hung on the walls. And I will eventually get the walls painted. And shelves put up because my desk is too cluttered.
I am finally organizing things and getting stuff done. I also stopped procrastinating over the carpets being cleaned and got to work. So I am cleaning them and let me tell you this is something I will never let go again. And as soon as I can I will get wood floors or tile. I am done with carpet!
I also have been throwing many things away. Things I don’t use or need. Watch one episode of hoarders and I become a neat freak.
Go me!!!

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