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Life Lately recieving blankets and playdough. A glimpse into momlife.

life lately pregnancy I was going to do a full on fashion post today, a full outfit post. I would that is if I was able to shoot some outfits this week. But, things just keep happening. Seriously my poor family and I have not had a break since Thanksgiving. Fighting sickness, loss of loved ones, and then me and my pregnancy being on the fritz. Today, my nose decided to bleed everywhere. And when the one side stopped the other started. And it was a lot. *TMI* I know, but it happens a lot. Then this morning I was trying to get dressed it was a nightmare. My maternity jeans that fit about a week or so ago do not fit now, and I was having a moment of self loathing and feeling bad about it. Which is hard not to do when people keep opening their mouths and instead of being constructive, they are down right rude. I swear If I here, WOW you are big, one more time….I am tired of hearing it and thanks for making me feel like a Goodyear blimp. No matter how much I exercise my thighs stay the same, got buns of steel but hate how the rest of my legs look like. Or at least what I see when in the mirror. My hubby was quick to point out that once the dr clears me for exercise it will just melt off. And then he treated me to my fave Dunkin to feel better. It worked. Oh and did I mention I burned my finger and my mouth inside and out on some mozzarella sticks? I was rushing trying to eat in order to pick up my son for his occupational therapy appointment on time. And the juices from the inside of the cheese stick burnt the crap out of the roof of my mouth, my lip, and my tongue. So everything tastes weird. And so, I haven’t taken pictures since due to injuries, it hurts!

life lately recieving blankets and playdough I have been worrying about not having the things I need for this little guy. Time is running out and I am freaking out more and more every day. It has been 5 years since my little has been a baby and I am worried to no end. I have been buying things here and there, and really feel like I need to scramble more. Things to buy yet, things that can wait a bit. We still need a car seat for the munchkin that will fit into the stroller that we got as a gift for both boys. I can not wait for him to be born as I am a miserable mom right now.

life lately, recieving blankets and playdoughMy little and I went to Ross the other day, for a Boppy pillow and got one. We also got some receiving blankets. And you can tell he picked them out because the dino print. I wanted a grey and white chevron, my son wanted the dinos for his brother. You can see who won. HE did. His cuteness knew no bounds because I bought him 2 play dough sets which he has not been able to stop playing with. It is great sensory play for him, and gets him to strengthen muscles that are weak.

I took advantage of Gymboree’s sale a while back, and got a great going home outfit for my new baby. The little moons and clouds are prefect. The hat is super cute, and I love how the whole outfit looks. I just need to wash everything. Which I know a lot of mom’s use Dreft, but 2 of us are a bit allergic. My son and I, but we can use TIDE without a problem. Still with all the little things we got, we still need to get a few more things. A swing, a car seat, a changing table and pad, diapers for a new born. These are things we need more now, well the changing table itself can wait a bit, since the pack and play system has one on it and a napper. But a swing we need. My son had Jaundice when he was born and was having tummy troubles, the swing was a life saver even as a newborn.

life latelyI feel like a ball of Playdough right now, that has been stretched too thin. Everything hurts and nothing is comfortable. I hate it. But I know when that baby is here, all that will go out the window. That is unless I come back and read this epic whiney sesh I am having with my readers.

Thank you for sticking around for this.

Do, you think it is weird to have a welcome baby party after the baby is born. So people can come see him and have cake?

MY son got a hold of my Lancôme Art liner and drew on the wall.


I just want the cake TBH.






  • Kim January 22, 2018 at 12:34 PM

    Oh my gosh girl, I keep thinking how stinking cute you are and how freaking great you look pregnant! I swear nothing has changed except your little bump! You are just adorable. I’m sorry you’ve been having a hard time – illness and losing family is a really rough way to start the year! Just think, baby will be here in no time and you will be back to a more (somewhat) stable life LOL. I hope your week is better this week gorgeous! XO -Kim

    • Stephanie January 23, 2018 at 8:44 AM

      Thank you so much Kim!!!!!! I am trying to hang in there. My blog constantly gets pushed to the side as my life goes out of control. But, blogging is how I stay sane hahaha


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