Liebster Award nomination.

Happy Sunday all

Well I have been nominated for the Liebster award which is a great award for bloggers by bloggers. I was nominated by the amazing Caitlin of the blog Beauty & Colour. Hank you so much!
The great thing about this award is you get to interact with other blogs and show your appreciation.

The rules.
Thank the person who nominated you. And back link to their blog.
Answer 11 questions they provided.
Nominate 11 other blogs with less than 200 followers. Used to be 3000 or less followers,wow. Be sure to link to them. Don’t forget to tell them via their blog or Social Media.
Give them 11 questions.

Seems simple, and yet it has taken me over a week. It was harder to do since, I write in between diaper changes,nap time, and cleaning crayon markings on a wall. This has also made me realize, while I love reading other’s blogs, I sometimes don’t comment. Oops. And I usually mean to, I just get side tracked. And I wish I read more blogs. I am trying to, I try to set some time aside to do so. And so, I am trying to make a list of the bloggers I want to nominate. Some have more than 200 followers. So I am looking through who I want to nominate. (Was never good at chain letters in school back in the day, usually forgot about it. Call me the “chain breaker”) The list will happen, bear with me
Okie Dokie here are Caitlin’s questions.
1. What is your favorite movie?
Ohhhh this is a toughie. If you follow my Pinterest you might know. However awesome The Lord of the Rings is, Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor is my favorite. Look at the costumes. LOTR is second followed by Gone With The Wind.
2. How long have you been blogging?
.since 2009, but wasn’t doing as much as I had liked. Now I feel like I can do more.
What city would you like to visit?
London. Lots of great stuff there.
4. What do you do for exercise?
Yoga, yoga inferno on Xbox One. 6 mile walks each day.
What is the last book you read? “The Silmarillion” and “The Return of The King.” And of course “The Sneeches”
6. Do you have any siblings? Yes, 4.
7. Do you like to cook your own food or do you dine out?
Both. I love to cook but I need a break from it sometimes.
8. What country are you from? U.S.A. But my dad would swear from another planet entirely.
9. What does you daily make up routine consist of? Not telling…….
J/k. J/k
Concealer, powder or foundation. Eye shadow primer, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lip gloss, and blush.
10. iPhone or Samsung samsung all the way. “She says as she types this on her iPad Air .”
11. What is your dream handbag? A pink Hermes. Or a quilted Chanel bag. There is of course a bag I wanted when I was little (talking really small and in elementary school)by Fendi, it was purple.

There you go, some awesome insight. Haha.

be right back

Questions for the nominees when I get there. Sorry.
1. What inspires your blog?
2. What is a fashion trend you hope NEVER comes back?
3. Who is your style icon?
4. Favorite dessert?
5. Favorite shoes you own?
6. Dream pair of shoes?
7. If you could live anywhere where would it be?
8. Favorite book?
9. Dogs or cats?
10. Favorite beauty item you splurge on?
11. If you could have dinner with someone fiction or not who would it be?

Ok, I have to now go clean up some juice and give a cat a bath. I promise I will finish that list. feels so bad

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