King Tut, mystery death solved…….again?

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Now onto bigger things.while stalking the bing news feed, I saw that King Tut made headlines. Wow, he is still in the news and I love it! This is real news! What is up with the ol’ boy? Well, aparently they solved the mystery of his death,again. Yup. I recall scientists doing CT sccans of his body a few years ago, they discovered then that it was not murder. His death was accidental, but by what it was not known. Many speculated he fell, either in the wilderness while hunting. After all, Tutankhamen, aka Tutankaten, was an avid hunter. They also didn’t believe he was embalmed that well. That his embalming job was pretty botched and done quickly. I mean look at the evidence in his tomb, stuff was just thrown in there. And some scientists claim not all of the treasures were just his. Some belonged to his father the heretic king Ankenaten and Nefertiti. But that is a different story. So, let’s talk about this new development.

They know his embalmers botched the job but what is really compelling right now is that his body was burnt post embalming. What? How? Why? The what,how, and why is combine oils from embalming with 400 degree weather inside the tombs and you have Pharaoh fricassee , yummy. Yeah, he was cooked in his tombly oven. MMMMMMM. Not so exciting to a lot of people but to me, this is intense! I have been studying ancient Egypt since I was a little girly. This stuff excites me!

Now on to the whole mysterious death. Ok, it isn’t that mysterious. He died apparently in a chariot race. Now, this would not be something out of the ordinary. Back then chariot racing was a big thing. It was entertainment before the Romans made the collusium. This was hypothesized by some British researchers via a virtual autopsy. WHA???? How cool. But, is it accurate? Well, they speculate that his body shows the similar damage someone who got hit by a car would receive. They believe his heart was crushed in the accident which is why he is one of the only Pharaohs to be buried without his heart. They think his heart was too badly damaged to be saved.

Pretty interesting stuff huh? If not, check out this Egyptian inspired fashion. Afterall, they were pretty fashionable.

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