Just breathe. Farm Rio Macaw mix maxi dress.

I have been a bit slacking on the blog lately. Ugh. But things around my house have been hectic. From home Reno to kids going to doctors all the time it gets hard to keep up. And when I went to the therapist we talked about how to manage me. And it comes down to just being able to breathe. Just breathe.
breathing is important to bringing the anxiety level from a 10 down to a 3. And for anyone who suffers from anxiety, it is a huge help.

Taking a breath in for 4 and holding for 4 and then releasing for 4 counts can be all the difference. And also saying a nice soothing word to yourself.
I know easier said than done.

Breathing, sometimes is the most normal thing we do. And something we do not always associate with anxiety control. But, I tell ya, it could have helped me a great deal the night I had at Nemours.

What happened? Well, my littlest had a sleep study. And he was getting over an ear infection and sinusitis. And so he was already feeling cranky. He started to get upset at the Sleep study. So upset that by the time he was falling asleep he projectile vomited every where. I mean everywhere!!! On the machines, on himself, on the bed , and me! And while this is going on I am breaking out in hives! My anxiety went up to a ten and beyond. I handled it calmly outworldly, inside I was screaming!
Then on the way home I thought I was getting pulled over while my kid was up chuck in the car seat! Turns out the cop wanted me to move . Flashed the lights and then got me out of the way only to then cut someone off to take an exit. No lights after that first little flash. Ugh. My anxiety through the roof. But I told myself it is ok, could be worse and went home. By the time I got home I was laughing about it.
But, if I had breathed first it wouldn’t have taken a car ride to calm me. It could have been much quicker.

So remember when all else fails, just breathe. Breathe and tell yourself it will be ok!
I rented this look from Rent the runway, however, I am having trouble linking to the exact macaw dress. Luckily, Farm Rio has another beautiful dress that is similar in pattern and almost style. Bag too!

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