Gorgeous Jewelry with Jeulia.

Hello, my friends! What a great day! Today I want to talk about something that I really do enjoy. Which is jewelry. We all love a bit of bling, especially when it concerns that special time.  Or even as a little treat to ourselves. Jeulia rings are so beautiful and unique. And when it comes to engagement ring these are so unique and beautiful. Gorgeous rings to celebrate an important time! How exciting!

So who is Jeulia?

Theirs’ is a great story and a sweet one. Jeulia was started by two college sweethearts who every Valentines day would give each other jewelry made by one another as a token of love. So sweet! One day they decided that they would open their own jewelry store and so Jeulia was born. Jeulia is a name that is much like a fashionable, chic, and someone who loves big events!  And so they got to work making gorgeous engagement rings, bridal sets, and other jewelry. My personal faves are the mermaid rings.  Their mission is to design and make affordable jewelry for every lover.


Jeulia engagement rings are super affordable.So anyone can have a gorgeous ring!They come in beautiful boxes and have a cleaning cloth. I chose some that have very unique designs. These would even be great gifts for the holidays! It is never too early to shop for someone you love! Jeulia Jewelry will make great gifts! Look at the quality of the jewelry. So pretty!!!

One thing that was convenient was the bridal sets. It makes life so much easier when the big day comes and you already have your ring. I am so happy my husband got a matching bridal set for me. Jeulia bridal sets are stunning and have a variety of colors. Who said you have to have only white diamonds on an engagement ring or bridal jewelry. And colorful jewelry is very popular right now.

Jeulia has a great selection of jewelry and their website is really easy to navigate through.

Have you heard of Jeulia?

What are your favorite pieces?




This post was sponsored by Jeulia. All opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for reading my blog and for being marvelously awesome!


  • Rani September 19, 2015 at 5:29 AM

    Looks cool! I got a minimalist engagement ring, just white gold and three giant diamonds haha!

    • Stephanie September 19, 2015 at 7:11 AM

      Yeah! I really like the mermaids. 🙂 that sounds beautiful rani!!


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