Itty bitty polka dot mini by SHEIN

Too Faced Polite Lips Color And Gloss Lip Kit • Too Faced • $29
Shein Heart Shaped Frame Sunglasses • Shein • $5
Kate Spade reiley flap crossbody • Kate Spade • $229
Shein Double Ring Buckle Belt • Shein • $4
Shein Rivet Detail Ankle Strap Stiletto Heels • Shein • $24
Shein Ruffle Trim Polka Dot Cami Dress • Shein • $23

OHHHHH My goodness, her legs are showing! Good day my friends! I am sitting here trying to figure out what to write. Got to love that, I am on a bit of a writers block. Well, not really. It is hard to write passionatly on your blog when no one is really in your corner about it. When all the hard work gets put down all because of a lack of it making Something Navy dollars. When someone says something negative about something you are so proud of and work hard on it takes all the wind out of your sails and you sit there. You get on the blog and try to make words. But the words wont come because one piece of you is saying “why bother?” That side is horrible. That side I hate.

Now that I have complained a bit, I want to talk about this new dress. I got this dress from SHEIN and let me say at first I was confused as hell about how it was supposed to be worn. Let me explain, the dress looked like I had to put it together. I had to put the straps on myself and tie them so they could be worn properly. Yeah, that is right. Then there is the whole how to tie it so it closed around the front. I had to search for the hole for the string to go through. All that aside, I got the dress together and while I need to retie the top a bit so it is a bit longer, the dress is super cute. I wore it with my new studded black heels and red heart sunnies. Also from Shein.

Polka dot mini dress by SHEIN

I couldn’t be more thrilled with this super inexpensive but super cute and dare I say sexy dress. I did have to wear a slip, as she is not a lined dress.Found a great slip from Target,shop here I got both colors.While this dress is a tie front dress, I still wore a belt.  I love this look and then the light gold Kate Spade cross body bag just completes the whole look doesn’t it.

Polka dot mini dress by SHEIN
I love polka dots so much right now, don’t you?

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  • Rebecca April 10, 2019 at 1:24 PM

    Keep bothering! Love seeing your outfits!

    • Stephanie April 10, 2019 at 6:37 PM

      Thank you! I am I am not going to stop


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