It’s only lipstick

hey friends! What a day it has been, after a disastrous test day yesterday….I failed. Yeah. More on that a later time. I figured that diving into my blog a bit might help my mental issues today. And it is working. Did some research on Tiberius for my channel. Finished my work up for tomorrow’s filming of Wednesday episode of Get ready with me and history, I want to share one of my fave Ancient Egyptian goddesses, and her story is hilarious to me. So yeah that is coming Wednesday! Today though, today I want to share my fave mask worthy lipsticks. Lipsticks that stay on even when you take the mask off. Yep. It is true! And yeah the colors are nifty and “out there” but hey it is only lipstick!

I am obsessed with all things glittery. Always have been, always will be. And Nyx is affordable, glittery, available in many stores, cruelty free makeup! The lipstick I have on above is part of the NYX glitter goals. And yeah it stays put. Only thing is it can be drying. So be sure to use a great lip product before, I like Clinique all about lips.

Clinique all about lips available at ulta $26.50

there are other lipsticks and lip stains that work well and last through mask wearing. Tarte lip paint stays on and really well too! Also vegan and cruelty free! There is also the Mac Retro lipstick and that one although not cruelty free 100% (China) it does stay on!

Trust me,these lipsticks are amazing! And you won’t regret getting a few!

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