It’s a yoga pant and coffee kind of day.

I am exhausted.  After many days of just going and going, I am crashing. And hard. I have been up with my son for the past three nights. Today’s outfit is just a pair of yoga pants and tank.
Who would have thought Aeroposatle would make such comfy yoga capris?

And this yoga pants thing got me thinking. This month’s Nablopomo on Blogher is all about healing. And I feel since my son’s birth it has been a struggle of trying to regain the self confidence I had. I was over 150lbs when he was born and had post part um depression. And while I am smaller now than before I got pregnant, I keep thinking about the people who were supposed to be supportive calling me fat..thank you. Yoga and walks have certainly helped. But, I still have those nasty body image demons lurking about. I hate that. My Yoga and work out routine has done so much for me I am way healthier and do not need my heart meds as much but, the one thing it hasn’t done is help the mental part out. That part I still have to fix, that part still needs healing I guess.I know I am not the only one who feels like that. I hope I am not alone.

just layin around

Work in progress and I just got to

Keep calm, just keep calm

By the way I’m out of coffee. ..

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