It looks like a 2 cup kind of day

wakey wakey

I love all nighters. Who doesn’t a night of awake bliss, and a baby who is unhappy with the world. I need to get to the fabric store and get started on my Elsa costume.  This is something I have yet to do. It isn’t procrastination, not really. I plan on going this weekend to Joanne’s Fabric store for the starters. You know the things I really need to bling up. I have a lot of hand work to do. Sequins and such will be a big thing with this costume. I also need to order my little one’s Leaves of Lorien Pin and the One Ring. That has been the procrastination. I wonder if there is a Sting toy too?

This is a rough day, all I want to do is crawl back into bed and watch Cleopatra or Gone with The Wind. Even a Lord of The Rings marathon.But, I can’t because no matter how much I tell it, the laundry wont fold itself. And the living room will not vacuum itself. Lovely thought though, isn’t it?

I don’t even want top get dressed. I am currently sitting here in a pair of yoga pants and shirt, in hopes it will motivate me to get moving. It hasn’t yet. It should. But, it hasn’t.

I guess this is my kind of apology for the possible lack of an outfit of the day. I am exhausted.  What is your go to book or movie when you aren’t feeling well or exhausted? Or do you pop in a video game and play. My game of choice is Viva Pinata or Skyrim.

As for now I will get back to watching The Color Crew  with my son. Got to love living crayons.

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