It is a jeans and button shirt kind of day.

Today, has been another great day in mom town. The little lad wasn’t wanting a nap. The teething has to be over soon right? I walked more than the usual today, to make him happy. Yesterday I didn’t know what to wear, today I knew.


Yeah, the coat is a lint magnet. And I was in a rush to get out the door to soothe the little man who was having a rough time. Poor guy, any ideas?

Jacket  Mossimo Target similar here  Shirt Express similar here Earrings and bracelet Givenchy similar here Sunglasses COACH here

Jacket Mossimo Target similar here
Shirt Express similar here
Earrings and bracelet Givenchy similar here
Sunglasses COACH here

I decided to try and get some pictures for the blog today while out and about. Why not after all? It was a gorgeous day out! Only 54degrees and perfect. Look at that sky!


I got this jacket from Target a few years ago and it has been my go to jacket. It is a soft cotton peacoat with a hood. And I think I will wear it until it falls apart. It is so comfortable and today I was all about comfort. I was trying to find a similar coat to this and bluefly had one and it is on sale. The shirt is one from Express Runway and I just love their button down shirts. I need to go back for more.

The sunglasses are some I got from an eye appointment. I have poor vision. I love the Coach Sunglasses because they can be Rxable. That means they can have prescription lenses in them. And I wear these specs a lot! If you get new lenses be sure to get Polaroid with anti glare. It is worth it, even if you have 20/20. Downside, is your phone will be dark and you will be left with a picture making a face like this.wpid-img_20141211_120231.jpg

Yeah, couldn’t see my screen. Hahaha, got to be able to laugh at yourself. But at least you can see the Givenchy earrings. I accomplished something. There are some pretty pieces on sale at Lord and Taylor right now. It is taking everything I have not to get this necklace. I am waiting like a good little fashionista geek for after Christmas sales. That is when I go to the outlets and get my Coach bags and other things. They have the best sales. It is a family tradition to drag ourselves out there for shopping the day after Christmas. Pfftt Black Friday.

The jeans are from HM, I almost forgot.


I love these flared jeans and OH MY GOD, yes I am in running shoes. I knew I needed to wear these instead of boots today. The ammount of walking required it. These are from Target. Similar(Almost said Silmaril again!!) here .



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