Ipsy Glam Bag June!

Hello there my friends!!! I hope your Tuesday is going well! Mine isn’t too bad. Yesterday, I got my Ipsy bag in and I am really excited about it! Why? It has Smashbox photo finish in it!!!!! AHHHHHH!!! OK, I am super excited! This stuff is FANTASTIC.

But before I do a whole caps review of this stuff let me take a moment to get some juice for a tiny child and talk about the bag in general.


Ah back. OK. This month’s bag has come with some pretty dandy stuff. There is an eye pencil, eye brow pencil, Body butter(smells awesome)Smashbox(Sqeee!) and lipstain.

I figured I would start off with the good. And end with my fave piece of the bag and worst. Sorry. But not always is it a 100% awesome bag. Let’s go through it shall we?




Brow Power. This is really good stuff. I like it and it is rare( and I do mean rare) for me to like a brow pencil. With my hair right now and brows on the darker side I stray away from brow pencils because they can make my eyebrows look like Thranduil in The Hobbit  not saying there is anything wrong with his eyebrows. They are quite majestic. (come on you knew there would be a nerd reference in this post somewhere because I Arwen. haha) Anyways, the pencil has two sides. One is a brush the other the product. Which they sent me a taupe color. Good. and it wasn’t a bad match it is really good and light. YAY!  $24 per pencil.


Oh… I can feel it.

Next up is the Eye shadow pencil. treStique. It is a cute little pencil. Eye shadow pencils are not normally my thing. As I do better with powder shadows. They tend to melt off. It wasn’t to bad of a little pencil. It isn’t my cup of tea. It goes on easy enough and it pretty simple to blend. But, I still prefer powder shadows. $24 as well online at their site



The Healthy Body Butter by Lavanila. Holy moly this stuff is great! It smell so good and leaves my skin feeling so very soft. And I can use it on the tiny child too! He didn’t react to it so YAY!  Pur Vanilla is what I have and the great thing is it isn’t a strong vanilla smell.  $19 at Sephora for a 6.07 oz bottle LAVANILA is free of: petrochemicals, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oils, silicone, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrance, sulfates, parabens, aluminum, and chemical sunscreens . Say that three times fast.



Oh Smashbox. You have my heart with this stuff. This little tube has ruined me. I need to get the big bottle now. I used a tiny bit of the Smashbox photo finish this morning before my Chanel foundation and holy Hera what a difference! It is amazing! My foundation went on smoothly. More this time than ever. I am loving it. It made my face feel so soft and smooth. A great primer. When I opened my Ipsy glam bag I squealed with excitement! I just wanted to hug it. Okay maybe I did. Anyways, this is definitely a purchase worthy product. $36 on Sephora


You all know how I love lipstains.


Ahem…you sit on a throne of lies.J-cats Liptitiude 24-7. It says it is hydrating and a lip stain. Of which it is neither. Doesn’t stay on AT ALL. And it tingles. It is more of a lip gloss than a lip stain. $5.99 online. I have to say though the color was pretty. Too bad it was not the product for me. Oh well. The others were pretty good.

Over all a great bag.  What do you think? What did you get this Ipsy bag month? Have you tried any of these?


And just because. I love this cat! She is so angry! Awwwwwh. By the way I am wearing the eyebrow pencil, eye pencil, and the smashbox. No lippy. What do you think of my Cat accessory?



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