Ipsy Glam Bag Feb so-so.

I love subscriptions like IPSY, Justfab, and Rocksbox. Why? Well, makeup,shoes, and jewelry. YUPPERS. But, this month’s glam bag was more of MEH bag. It is Feb, the month of that one holiday. You know the one where there are lots of hearts and roses. That one? Well, my bag was full of boring. And it was not cohesive. That i think is what made me most indifferent and dare I say disappointed. Especially since last month was awesome! If you saw my youtube video, you see me go over it and was just bored.

I got an eye cream, a scrub, and bronzer(which was matte), a brush I love brushes so that was ok, and lipstick. But I got bronzer last time, and it didn’t really go with the “love” theme. I was expecting some glam samples of makeup for taking your look up a notch. But um…no. I got a mix of, this. Maybe they wanted to share “glowing” skin after a good scrub. Which glowing with a matte bronzer wont cut that sorry. No shimmer, no glow. Get out a highlighter.

That isn’t to say that the scrub was not a good one. It smells damned good. And the eye cream is amazing! FYI if you use the NYX concealer the one in the tube USE this with it and the cakey feeling is gone girl gone. The eyecream smelled all right too and Organic loving beauties, they are organic!

The Lipstick is The NYX buttershine! I love that freaking lipstick. I own one in a similar color that I hide and you all know why if you follow for a while. *looks at the tiny child and then at her walls*

So the bag says #IPSYMUCHLOVE  I say I love ya Ipsy,just not this time around. But that is just my opinion


This post is not sponsored by Ipsy, I just really like them!


  • Molly February 25, 2017 at 9:34 AM

    I just watched your vid! I’m sorry but I have to catch up on your wonderful blog! I’m sorry the haul was lackluster this month. I agree though – I would expect more for Valentines Day!!! Keep up the good work, Stephanie!!!

    • Stephanie February 25, 2017 at 2:19 PM

      fingers crossed that the next one isn’t as meh.


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