Indulging in my need to be fit. Oh and there was Mother’s Day.

I looked at some pictures from vacation today. I am making a scrapbook of our first family get away. What I saw was something I wasn’t happy with.
I saw a girl with horrible posture and lots of nasty leg issues. No, I am not talking about that “thigh gap” issue. I am talking about cellulite and a butt that jiggles more than jelly.
I was in shock. I walk everyday, but I need more results. I need to be hot for pool time. And I know what you are thinking, it doesn’t matter. Well, it does to me. It is for my benefit, because it hurts. I am physically uncomfortable. Not mentally only, but physically. So, I tried my Xboxone fitness center again. Good old Jillian Michaels, yes, kick my posterior into shape. Only this time we shall do the yoga. And that so far is better for me than the killer buns and thighs.(I can actually make it through this workout).

I hope to start seeing results.

Then Mother’s Day was thrown into this mix of stuff. I got a card from my mother and father. Hubby is taking me to a beachside b&b. My sister gave me the most thoughtful gift!
A spa in a jar!
I need it!
So, this is it!


There was a Starbucks gift card there too. Ahhhhh. Indulging.
But how cute and simple? I loved it!
And certainly can not wait to use that polish!

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