In a world you can be anything be kind.

When you can be anything be kind. It is hard to not feel a sense of unease right now. So many things are completely unknown. Schools opening back up and wondering what is the right or wrong way to handle it. And it is important to remember kindness during all of this. Especially to you. Yes you.

So there are toys on the floor. So there are floors needing to be swept and vacuuming to be done. So you haven’t worn anything but joggers and yoga pants. It is all ok!

so let’s talk about my next FemmeLux Finery haul! Yes!

As you know with all the quarantine and stay home stuff comfort has taken over! We have loungewear as a preference and zoom meetings with leggings and a work top. I used to get all dressed up, everyday. Even though as it has been pointed out to me in the past”it’s not like you’re going anywhere.”

But back to my haul! I love the concept of loungewear sets, and Femmeluxe has many to choose from. As the first outfit is all from Femmeluxe finery, I love their T shirts and comfy joggers.
the set I have on in the pic above you want to size up because the leggings run small. But they are super freaking soft and cozy.

Femmeluxe finery as I have said in other posts, here and here. And don’t forget they have great trousers , corset dresses , bodysuit , and jeans

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