If it fits! The Real Real thrifting.


Wear it! I am so excited that this top fits again! I feel progress! I feel amazing! This Diane Von Furstenberg top is a size 0, and I am able to once again put it on! I know it is a bit bigger of a style top, but this gorgeous silk blend balloon sleeved blouse is one that I never wanted to give up on!EVER. It is one of my favorite tops , I would feel horrible if it didn’t fit anymore.

And it means that all the arm exercises are apparently working! I have been feeling depressed lately feeling all out of sorts. The only thing about more loss of weight and getting more fit is the diastisis is more noticeable and weirdly painful still. And when you have this condition wearing heels can make it hurt. So I have to now alternate days with heels vs flats.


I am pretty obsessed with this Diane Von Furstenberg top and the Real Real which is the place where I got it! And love that it fits again!

So I know this top isn’t available on the Real Real any more as it is thrifted.

Here is some of the other goodies I would love from there!


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