I stole his white tee. Ha!

Hi there friends! Hope you are having a marvelous Tuesday! Today I am posting about the fact I stole one of hubby’s white tee shirts. Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to wear something just insanely comfortable? Or baggy..

That is me today, I want to wear something baggy and eat tons of chocolate peanut butter M&Ms.


The weather isn’t sure what it is going to do. I had to take the tiny child on a quick walk before the rain comes again and figured why not take a few pictures.




My my hair is unsure what it wants to do. It was straight! Humidity is my worst enemy, it messes with my hair so badly.




And I love these GUESS wedges!  I love pairing flared pants or boot cut jeans with them.  I wanted to just let you know about a little life hack too while I am at it. If you have a shoes that give you blisters. Take Vaseline and put it on the Areas that you know get them with the shoes. I tried it today and Holy Hera it worked!! Life hack confirmed here.



Of course the sun comes out once we get home.


So, the question is now, do I give the shirt back?

And just wanted to show the tiny outfit of the day as well.



I love Gymboree but sometimes their dark colors fade some times. 🙁  Still cute! Any ideas to keep that from happening?



That is super important letter learning with Elmo. The great thing about the Kindle Fire HD is there is a timer you can set so it shuts off after so long. He gets to play on it for an hour. And only learning apps.


Steal the style:

Shirt: Guess V-neck similar here on sale!

Jeans: H&M similar style here

Shoes: GUESS similar style here

On tiny child

Shirt: Gymboree(old)

Shorts: Gymboree similar here

Shirt: The Children’s place here


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  • Rani April 22, 2015 at 8:13 AM

    I love baggy tees, the best!

    • Stephanie April 22, 2015 at 9:58 AM

      They really are! I may have to get some more! 🙂


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