I read a book!


Well, parts of a book. I decided to read one of my favorite books again, Gone with The Wind. I love this book and it is a great story. One of times sort of not so long ago,yet it is so long ago. The story of Scarlet and Rhett. It isn’t just a story about them it is also about Melanie and Ashley,as  well as the Civil War. And it is one heck of a great movie!!!

This month’s Nablopomo(how do you say this tongue twister?) is about crunch time. Well, my goal is to read more and I feel like with everything going on right now, it is crunch time to read.  I want to step away from social media and enjoy some quiet with a good book. Which normally doesn’t happen until a little one is in bed. I grab my book and try to read. Then I get interrupted by hubby and his questions about everything. This happens every time I look or think about reading the Silmarilion again. I just think about that book and everyone needs me. I feel I am on crunch time trying to read one, just one sentence in that book. And Gone with The Wind is no exception.

I am going to have to make some time for this wonderful book. And then it will be crunch time to read it all before someone needs me for who knows what and why.

And, yes I have tried the headphones trick. It doesn’t work. Do you have this problem? What book are you trying to read now? Do you prefer old school books or eBooks?


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