I love a great coupon deal!

So Publix here in Florida has a bogo on Rozoni pasta. I took serious advantage of this. For every box I bough I made a penny. Yes Publix paid me to buy the pasta. How? It is simple, really. Coupons.
I went to the website for Rozoni and printed out four $.75 coupons. You can double up cause it is a bogo. So it will be $1.50 off of one of the boxes. Each set of 2, remember it is a bogo, will be free and you get a penny to use towards your order. Now it coupons for the Rozoni 150, but they are actually good pastas. And Orlando Sentinel and Daytona News Journal have $1.00 off two boxes. Making the rest only $.49 cents. That is per set.  Not bad savings. Rozoni will only allow 2 coupons per PC or MAC.
Ok so IAMS cat and dog food is $5. After a $2 off manufacturer coupon found here on the grocery coupons section and Publix $2 off. The publix coupon is a purchase coupon from a dollar donation. You get a tear pad of coupons worth quite a bit. The food is normally $9.99 a bag and the coupons take $4.00 off.  Still good for this premium food. For more coupons for grocery savings click here.

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