How to wear yoga pants outside of the gym.

Ok I know a while back I said yoga pants are for the gym and all. But, recently I realized that yeah, you may be able to disguise them. And then you may not fool anyone. I wore them out of the house yesterday. But I pared it with this shirt from H&M

This big comfy lace shirt by H&M is $14.95 but worth it. Wear over your pants and pair with boots to hide the yoga pants bottoms. Unless you have the yoga pants that look like leggings. Then go at the out fit the way you would a pair of leggings. I paired it with the bracelet from Target. I posted about it here. It was comfortable and functional. And I don’t think anyone noticed. It just looked like leggings. I felt great about it.

Yoga pants are for some a no no, but for mommy’s or anyone who is having an “off” day and jeans are an effort; keep those yoga comfys on and change the shirt for something more chic. Accessorize and put some makeup on, you will look amazing. I promise!


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