How to wear leather pants…casually.


finally got a pair of faux leather pants. Ok, they are pleather. I have been wanting them since the winter trend of the leather pants and sweaters. But this trend is one that never goes away really. Just like the leather skirts. But, many fears are how can they be practical? How can you wear these pants out side of a fashion editorial or a club? How can you wear them out side during the day without people wondering if you own a Harley? It is easy.

It is how you wear and accessorize them. Monday, I tested the waters. I wanted to see how they held up to chasing after a crawling fun loving child of mine. I wore them around the house and outside. I took what I had seen on magazine fashion editorials and stores like H&M,, and Express and I turned it into a wearable functional piece to my wardrobe.

The pants I have from H&M were only $7 and are comfortable. I could really get stuff done and chase little man around in them. What did I pair them with? My red tank top with lace trim, a chunky bracelet, and a pair of flat sandals. ( I wore the sandals to push the stroller around my neighborhood, which is not paved) The outfit worked and was not over the top. I just wore them like a pair of jeans.

Mostly everything in the picture above is from H& The bracelet is from Target for $19.99. The pants are $7 and the shirt was $5. You just can not beat those prices.

The shirt is from Lime Lush boutique, the cat bracelet is from . I love animal print or theme jewelry. The soft color of the simple shirtpictured above makes it a truly daytime wear. Any mama can wear it with confidence. The outfits I showed are just examples of how to transition those pants from winter into spring. Take the sweater and change for a sweet tank or a nice tunic style shirt. tunics are great for those days you just feel bloated. I am happy I took the chance and got the leather, pleather pants. I feel like one hot mama. New Member Sale: 2 Shoes for $39.95

i do apologize for the wear photo layouts i am trying to find a decent photo editor


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