how to style wide leg jumpsuits

How to style wide leg jumpsuits

how to style wide leg jumpsuitstee// bag//jumpsuit//shoes

I love a good jumpsuit! And I especially love it when they have wide legs. I know that normally I am not the biggest fan of overall style jumpsuits,but this one from SHEIN is super cute. Why do I like it so much? Maybe because I figure I can hide the fact I haven’t had time to shave my legs fully? Maybe it is a simple style perfect for a mom who needs a fast wardrobe. Meaning that you can make easy outfits and not spend 9 million years debating what to wear and making your kid late to school.

Not that I am speaking from Experience or anything.

I think that jumpsuits like the one above is a great choice and I love how it would look with a great graphic tee.We all know how much I love those kinds of tees! And I think this wide legged jumpsuit would look great with that floral tee.

Here is an up close look at the floral graphic tee, a better picture!

floral graphic tee

SHEIN Flower Applique Graphic Tee

You can really go ham on the accessories with this shirt! Lots of colors on the print of this tee. And the graphic tee would look great with leather leggings or jeans. The jumpsuit you can even get a ruffle top to wear with it like this one I found here!

sHEIN Flounce Front Striped Cuff Blouse SHEIN Flounce Front Striped Cuff Blouse

I think this would give such a great classy over all chic look and work appropriate too! The ruffles of the blouse are just enough to add that bit of “extra” to the outfit without being over the top! What do you think of the wide legged jumpsuits? Do you prefer skinny legged jumpsuits? Or do you hate them all entirely?

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