How to Style a hoodie with a blazer

I don’t know about you, but I love a good blazer and a good hoodie! And yeah once again I have joggers on. still hurting and stick sick. I feel awful! still! Like I star out ok, then by 12 my back hurts and it goes on from there. Anyways we were talking about blazers and stuff. Right?


This trend first popped up before Christmas. And I never really gave it much thought.I know plenty of influencers do it at different times and are considered “edgy” but I wanted to give it a go .And I am dorky, so there is that. I decided to wear my new Mickey (surprise) sweatshirt and joggers with my new Shein heels and this Amanda Uprichard blazer I bought secondhand. Then added the rented Gucci(which I might purchase,shhhhh)for some luxe details. My son also asked me to wear  the ears with him, so I did. He was in OT when I took these.

How do I look? 

Remember that show.

This look is great and I love how you can toss on a blazer and it kind of changed it!  It is a versatile and comfy as hell outfit and I am obsessed! 

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