How to rent Gucci handbags with Vivrelle!

Hi there friends and happy day to you too! Have no clue what day it is, honestly. Is it Wednesday or Thursday?  Or whatever? Something…..anyways . I just want to say this is not a sponsored post but it is spontaneous. Ha! And I sitting outside with my boys and I swear it gets colder as we sit outside. I could just be going nuts. Yeah…so what is today’s blog post about? Handbags. It is about handbags.

Have you heard of Vivrelle? No? Well… let me tell you about it! Vivrelle is a premier handbag and accessory rental service. You know like Nuuly and Rent the Runway,only handbags and jewelry. 

This rental service is $99 a month and you get 1 handbag a month to rent . The handbags can be up to $4000 in value. So we are talking Chanel, Gucci, Dior,YSl. You know the expensive bags. Oh yeah. Now there are other plans like for $279 a month there is a rental for more bags. You can rent 2 bags and get higher value items. I chose the $99 a month plan. And much like other rental services you can trade after a month or hold on to it longer. 

So, the plan, as I said is $99 a month and with this plan I chose the Gucci Marmont bag in red, it is also in pink, and beige or yellow! And I was so excited for this bag! Now how did I find out about Vivrelle? Well I was browsing around the internet as one does, pricing Gucci bags. I told myself that I would treat myself finally when I passed my exam(failed horrendously again.) . I found Vivrelle! I saw the bags they had and checked them out with my Shopstyle to see if it was legit. It is. And now I have a rented Gucci bag in my hands. So excited! And I loved it. And to me the bag smelled weird like cigarettes. Keep in mind I do have a phantom smell issue. Yeah. It sucks that I have this issue and I hate when it flares up. After I made my husband smell the “ hey hubby! Smell this! Do you smell cigarettes?” 

He didn’t and only smelt the buttery leather. My phantom smell thing ffs. I hate it. The company before I got the bag noticed that there were scuffs and scratches on it and asked if I wanted a better bag. Nah. I can take that one I am too excited for it not to and honestly you can not see it. 

I can not wait to keep going along with my service with Vivrelle and share that with you. This is my second rental service! I also rent clothes too from Rent the Runway!
 I a,trying to cut down on wasteful shopping. So renting clothes helps that..

So here is my Vivrelle rent list!

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