On repeat, Game of Thrones. #fashion #styleblogger

How to be a fashion blogger when you are broke AF.

On repeat, Game of Thrones. #fashion #styleblogger

tee(similar) // denim // sandals // belt //ring 

I love fashion, love creating new outfits and getting new clothes to share on the blog. As fashion bloggers we are almost expected to share non stop new clothes, new trends, and blah blah. It is part of the job, we are a living breathing fashion magazine. Always giving people new inspiration and also giving beauty tips.


On repeat, Game of Thrones. #fashion #styleblogger

Being a fashion blogger can get pricey, when you consider the costs of clothes, shoes,bags, and other stuff. That adds up and not everything comes free from companies. And really we all do not become fashion bloggers just to get free clothes. We treat it as a business and do not just do this for freebies. So let’s talk about how to be a fashion blogger when you are broke AF.

Welp, one thing that comes to mind is the clothes. As a fashion blogger you are expected to create magnificant looks like from the runways, make it wearable for everyday. Or at least that is what we tell ourselves we are doing. We follow trends and we make it to where anyone can shop the trends by showing unique ways to style them. Thing is not all of us have that endless budget or clothes being sent as PR. Majority of us repeat clothes. Just lie anyone else we wear outfits on repeat too, and for blogging purposes it is great to show how many outfits you can make out of pieces you have worn before. reality is too that for some it is the first time seeing an outfit.

On repeat, Game of Thrones. #fashion #styleblogger
On repeat, Game of Thrones. #fashion #styleblogger

I have worn this top a ton of times on the blog before, and decided to wear it again on the blog for the billionth time. Wearing the Game of Thrones tee from Target along with H&M white denim jeans and some SHEIN sandals. My fave Michael Kors bag and Gucci belt. The bag unfortunately is unavailable, I got it from the Outlets.

On repeat, Game of Thrones. #fashion #styleblogger
On repeat, Game of Thrones. #fashion #styleblogger

Cameras, some would argue that you need a great camera, and this can be true.BUT, it isnt necessary to go out and splurge o the latest DSLR camera. You need to work with what you got. And if what you got is just your iPhone, then use that. No shame, because editing tools on that phone are magical. And learn those angles, baby! OK, and follow the light. Taking your own pics means more ownership and one less expense! Just be sure to get a tripod and a remote. You can get those on Amazon. The remote that works with iPhone and Galaxy is this one. It is $8.99 but you get 2 remotes!

Utlize the free apps for photo software, lightroom has a free version, vsco cam is free. Also, use free versions to run your blog, wordpress is free . You can design your site yourself with templates for the time being until you earn a bit of $$. Also get aquanted with canva . Of course if you start making money doing what you love then definitely invest it back into the blog and get your own hosting and URL.

So that is pretty much it, when you are just getting started just utilizing what you have got. When I first started I wore what I had, no one was sending me anything and I was not making any money at all.I had horrible clothes and only a few shirts and a dress or two. My clothes were old and for the longest time you never saw me in any picture. I just didn’t feel like I was up to par based on what I saw on Social media. My blog was in a weird spot then, I was blogging about things I really didn’t know or could personally relate to. My photos were taken with my phone and originally I just propped it up to what ever seemed ok, trust me it was rough. But as the blog grew so did my ability to invest back into it. And it will happen for you, as I tell ALL my friends and family(though 80 % of the time they ignore this) blogging takes time and a lot of work. If you are expecting over night BlondeSalad success, then keep on moving and get a different hobby. Because that is not going to work out and you will just end up self hating.

Been there too.

I hope that this post has helped you.

Thank you for reading my rambling.

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  • Jill August 27, 2019 at 6:03 AM

    Blogging is definitely a part-time job. I completely agree that if you have a tight budget you need to work with what you have. I personally love seeing pieces on repeat and styled different ways! Love your green bag!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

    • Stephanie August 29, 2019 at 9:43 PM

      for many yeah it is definitely a part time gig or just a hobby, and kuddos to those who make it full time. But you for sure got to work with what you got. too many people go out and get in a financial bind thinking they need the newest cameras, the best accessories for the shoots, and or hiring photographers they know they can not afford all in the hopes of being the next blogger “it girl” Just go with what you have. Thank you so much for the comment! This green bag is my fave for sure!


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