History of Valentine’s Day

Ok, so this is probably the only Valentines post you will see from me. Valentine’s day is not my fave holiday. Honestly, it has never ended well for me. There is always a fight, there is always disappointment. This is since childhood. So this holiday is not for me and I honeslt hate it. I stomach it now for my kids and throw on the good ol mama happy face for them. But when it comes to me, nope no.
Today, I would venture to the history of Valentine’s Day. and if you wantto skip to the bottom you can all products and wig i used and am wearing is there. m’kay? kay.
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Valentine’s day also called St Valentine’s day gets it’s origins from where else?Rome, where in mid February they would celebrate Lupercalia . Lupercalia was celebrating the coming of spring and they would perform rites for fertility and alsopaired women off with menusing a lottery system.By the end of the 5th century Pope Gelasius would replace Lupercalia with St Valentine’s day. in the 14th centuryit would be celebrated as a day of romance. Some speculate hat it was an attempt to Christianize the pagan holiday. Originally the holiday of Lupercalia was on the 15th of Feb. The god it was in honor of was Faunus, he was a god of agriculture. And while you will see more of Cupid than Faunus, you can still thank him for this holiday. Even if Valentine’s day is vastlydifferent from it’s origins.

There are many legends of St Valentine, one is where he was a priest who was martyred around 270 CE by the roman emperor Claudius II Gothicus. legend says he left a note to the jailer’s daughter signed “from your Valentine”. it was said he befriended the girland some say he cured her of blindness.others say it was St Valentine of Terni,for whom the day is named after. legend says he would marry couples to help their husbands avoid war.

The first formal velentines come in around the 1400’s the oldest found was 1415. But they had been popular since the middle ages, although the way theywere made I am sure was vastly different. By the 1700’s commerically printed .Valentine’s were available.These would not be available here in the USA until the 1800’s. By the 1900’s swung around it was then popular to give your friends Valentines day cards showing you cared for your friendship.Scootering backto around 1840 A,erica a woman named Esther A. Howard , who would later be called the mother of the Valentine, would create beautifulcards using lace and other stunning materials. There are still a lot of Valentiines being mailed in the US, around 145 million. Still more cards are sent out at Christmas.

Happy Lupercalia. 

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