Here Birdy bird..

Well, Yesterday I went outside with a mission. A mission to get a picture of a silly woodpecker that has been living around my house for who knows how long. And I swear to the holy donut that this little turd bird knew I wanted his picture. It was like I was his little birdy paparazzi. The minute I would move my phone up to get a picture, that little booger would move to the opposite side of the tree. Or fly off. AHHHHH!!!!


Pileated Woodpecker. Via

Yes, this little guy above is what has been around the house. I hear him all the time, and as much as I am crabbing about his unwillingness to have a picture. I do enjoy seeing that red little feather head every day. And there are two of them.  They are not very small birds. They are pretty big.




OK A little bit about this little bigish birdy.

It is described by the Audubon as a big dashing bird with a flaming crest. Wow. And yes it is that. It is considered the largest wood pecker in North America.  And they leave rectangular holes in trees trying to get to carpenter ants.  Ahh Nature. And I was able to sneak up on them. I am sure that the neighbors thought I was being a bit strange. And when I got to close to my tiny child while trying to get a photo op, he decided mac n cheese belonged in my hair as well as my shirt. Thanks. (It was the only way I could get him to eat yesterday was on a walk.)  I hope that I can get better pictures soon, they are very shy birds. And freaking smart.


And here is another birdy.


  • Rani May 8, 2015 at 10:58 AM

    wow, he’s stunning! Wish we had birds like that over here!

    • Stephanie May 8, 2015 at 11:02 AM

      I have been chasing him for months! I want to give him a name other than feather head. Lol.


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